Walk through a Cape Cod farmhouse and fall in love with its wood detailing

Nothing prepares you for the ups and downs of home construction like building your own home. When you experience the challenges and successes first hand you begin to get an accurate perspective of what it takes to build a truly beautiful space. For Chad and Chell constructing their personal residence was the beginning of their business, Cambridge Home Company. On her Instagram account of the same name, Chell shares the many angles of her stunning gray-and-white farmhouse.
The home itself is built in the style of a Cape Cod farmhouse. It's exterior is clad in gray shingle siding and the large front porch is supported by four sturdy white columns. The second floor features 3 dormer windows that project from the sloped roof allowing natural light to fill the upper floor.
The inside of the home is awash in a sea of soothing neutrals, intricate woodwork and wooden accents. Details like thick white baseboards, paneling and a coffered ceiling demonstrate the careful consideration that was given when choosing the interior architecture. The living room centers around a beautiful fireplace, in keeping with Cape Cod design, that brings warmth to those chilly evenings. As you stroll through the pictures below you are certain to feel immediately welcome in this comfortable farmhouse retreat.
The long front porch provides ample space for rocking chairs, decorative accents and bench suspended from the ceiling.
The home's cozy entrance is made to feel spacious and light with the installation of white wood paneling and an large, light-reflecting mirror.
The neutral color scheme of the living allows the architectural details like the fireplace and ceiling installation to take center stage.
A formal dining room, separate from the kitchen, is the perfect place for quiet evening meals with friends.
Just a few steps from the kitchen is an eat-in breakfast nook for casual eating arrangements.
The kitchen cabinetry is painted a light grey that coordinates beautifully with the marble backsplash and beadboard ceiling.
The master bed nestles between to large, paneled windows in this spacious bedroom.
A master ensuite allows the homeowners to maintain a certain level of privacy when hosting friends and family.
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