Be energized by the crisp white and wood details of this 97-year-old farmhouse

With its crisp black-and-white color scheme and stately white pillars, "The Morris Manor" creates a striking figure amid a sea of leafy green trees. This 97-year-old farmhouse is in the process of being restored by gifted designer and farmhouse enthusiast, Katrina Morris.
The home's lofty exterior is kept simple with black shutters that provide a simple accent against the white siding. A bright red door easily draws guests inside the home where the interior is equally stunning. The recently renovated kitchen features classic farmhouse details such as white cabinetry, decorative open shelving and wood countertops. The addition of a central island provides even more workspace. The island's base is clad in white beadboard paneling and sitting on top of the island is a large piece of stainless steel. The introduction of open shelving and traditional cabinets keeps the kitchen feeling light and airy.
The dining room table sits in front of a set of patio doors where guests can take in the view seen outside. An original pillar, clad in whitewashed brick, sits adjacent to the dining table and provides a nod to the age and history of the home.
Hardwood flooring extends through the kitchen and dining room into the living room. White walls, trim, and fireplace allow the textural elements of shiplap and brick to showcase themselves against the natural wood grain flooring. While the fireplace is out of commission, it has been beautifully decorated with stacks of cylindrical wood pieces.
Take in the beauty of this welcoming family Manor by viewing the pictures below, and then hopping over to Instagram for even more.
Medium-tone wood flooring and countertops add a sense of warmth and invitation to the spacious kitchen.
A pair of windows, set above the kitchen range, allows streams of natural light to fill the space.
A brick column at the corner of the dining room draws attention to the impressive height of the ceilings in this home.
The hallway features white trim, walls and doors that create a calming effect in this transitional space.
Katrina expertly introduces color through decorative accents rather than on the walls or furniture.
While it isn't wood-burning, the brick fireplace is the ideal location for a splash of seasonal decor.
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