Marvel at the luxurious interior of a farmhouse where comfort meets timeless elegance

A “hidden pearl” is a great way to describe this farmhouse from Colby Construction. From the outside, it looks like a comfortable and charming farmhouse; nothing too opulent, just a clean country home that would be perfect for a growing family. While this description applies, when you take a tour of the house, you’ll see that it’s so much more!
The surrounding exterior has been meticulously crafted. The home is wrapped in an expansive porch that covers the entire front and part of one side. While white paint and natural stone give this farmhouse a timeless exterior, the inside is luxurious, stunning, and modern. It truly is the hidden pearl of farmhouses.
The walkway leading up to the house brings you to the large porch that is full of comfortable yet rustic furnishings. Inviting wicker chairs with plush cushions look like they could draw you in for hours, but don’t dally, as the interior is waiting to impress...
Inside, you’ll find a kitchen that demands your attention. The dark, rich wood floors perfectly match the island’s countertop, while the white base and cabinets create a clean, luxurious atmosphere.
The living room in this home looks comfortable and elegant. With refined furnishings and white trim to match the kitchen, the living room looks like a great place for socializing.
Luxury abounds in the bedroom. The ceiling slants upwards to a tall peak, which is enhanced by fine lighting. This feature gives the room a greater sense of space, while the refined carpet and elegant furnishings continue the theme of luxury.
What can be said about this bathroom? The claw and foot tub looks wonderful at the back, and the dual sinks make the room perfect for a busy morning when both spouses need to get ready for the day.
Stepping out on the porch, the eye is drawn to the nearby lake. The comfy chairs near the front seem great, but this small table along the side looks like a perfect place to enjoy a beverage and watch the boats go by.
While the interior is jaw-dropping, some people will find the most pleasure at the outdoor fire pit. Ringed by stone seating, this feature gives the home a rustic charm that balances the more refined interior.
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