Take a peek at the 100-year-old farmhouse that combines country charm with contemporary simplicity

There are immeasurable benefits that come from living in a century-old farmhouse. One of them is the act throwing your lot in with generations before and discovering the quirks and features of 1900's home design. It can be a careful process of retaining those aspects that you love and removing those that conflict. Add in the important work of raising a young family and you have an idea of the story behind the IG account, "Farmhouse Linen."
Rachel Butcher, her husband of 6 years and their 3 young children live in a farmhouse on 5 acres in the Michigan countryside. In their 5 years in the home, Rachel and her husband have taken on the task of transforming the home into a fresh, contemporary country home. The kitchen is welcoming and bright with rich, blue-grey cabinets, floating white shelves and a beadboard ceiling. Warm hardwood floors add warmth and contrast in the sunny room. The kitchen's neural color scheme carries throughout the home making the entire structure feel cohesive and well-thought out. Many of the home's windows are accented by thick wood trim and devoid of curtains which allows all available natural light easy access into the home.
The simplicity of the home's design is immediately relaxing as the mind doesn't have to struggle to take in clutter and busy colors. This minimalistic approach is great for families with small children as it ensures that there is less to be made a mess of and; therefore, less to clean up.
Knotty pine floors provide a simple, yet beautiful, foundation for the kitchen's white and gray color scheme.
The Subway tiles really pop with an application of dark gray grout rather then the typical white.
A sunny window is the ideal place for this white and wood farmhouse table and with individual and banquet seating.
A trio of windows allows the mid-afternoon sun to fill the family room.
The guest bedroom features a shiplap wall application and a simple metal bedframe.
The addition of a clawfoot tub simply references the history of this 100-year old home.
The addition of a covered porch at the back of the home creates a cozy spot to relax with family and friends.
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