Tour this farmhouse: Indoor/outdoor farm living made easy

In the sleepy town of Deephaven, country living is easy to attain, as many turn-of-the-century homes have new life breathed into them through modern renovations and additions. This early 1900s farmhouse was moved to its current site in the 1930s. The expanded porches were improved during a recent addition that included a kitchen, office, half bath and family room. With care to keep the integrity of the original home intact, the transition from the original house to the new addition is invisible to the eye. Cohesive elements like multipaned glass and slate black shutters work in equal proportions across the exterior.
It doesn't matter where the sun rises or sets because this house was designed to capture the best light and the coolest breezes no matter the time of day. A wraparound porch with a screened-in section on one side and an open-air porch that runs the length of the front offers stylish yet cozy access to the outdoors through many kinds of weather.
Late summer and early autumn heralds the harvest of several Minnesota-grown apples, including the University of Minnesota-bred Haralson apple rumored to have started in this home's orchard.
Framed with creamy white trim, the kitchen combines the best of open concept and late Victorian touches. Using the same white as the unifying color, various painted surfaces — the stove hood, a beadboard partial ceiling, clapboard walls, decorative shelving, island legs and inset Shaker cabinets — create a fresh yet old-fashioned look. A vein of white within the soft black stone countertops subtly complements the lightness of the cabinets. 
Tulip and teardrop lamps send their gentle glow over workstations. Softening the chef's well-worn footpath is a Persian runner in muted shades of blue and cream. Twin French doors are separated by pane-glass windows, enhancing the Old World charm of the home. Sunbeams become the artwork as light works against painted wood and recessed window seating in this simply yet elegantly designed dining room.
The milk glass lamp isn't needed during the day as sunlight reaches into all corners of the utility room. A gray-green braid rug against the marble hexagon tiles suggests homespun luxury.
Full-on luxury is not spared in this sumptuous master bath. Rich trim on the ceiling nearly touches the wide trim around the toilet and shower doors. Multifaceted mirrors alternate with brass sconces. Marble is fashioned into subway and hexagon tiles and a double-sinked counter. An antique deco chandelier casts dappled brilliance over every surface.
Back outside, simpler pleasures endure. A porch swing holds friends, their joyful scheming sure to promise an afternoon of fun and laughter, watched over by adults who can lazily supervise in any number of tall-backed rocking chairs.

Originally constructed in 1907, this country home, known as Magnolia Hall, features incredible details such as original woodwork and four working fireplaces.
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Using design cues from a milking barn that was erected in 1915, this home has all the classic touches of a century-old farmhouse yet fully benefits from modern style and technology.
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