Step inside the impressive farmhouse with loads of built-in storage one-of-a-kind wood detailing

Who says all farmhouses have to be in the country? Even people who live in the city can enjoy the rustic styles, welcoming layouts, and natural materials that make farmhouse designs so popular. Take this Urban Farmhouse from Robert Baumann + Associates as an example. While this home is tucked away in a pleasant neighborhood, it has all the favorite features of a traditional farmhouse.
Features like the large porch, wood fence, and barn-like garage give the home an out-in-the-country feel, while the interior decorations, stylish lighting fixtures, and open layout give the home an urban sophistication.
The exterior of the home is friendly and welcoming. The spacious front porch has a farmhouse appeal that sets the property apart from its neighbors.
When you approach the front door, you’ll immediately see the impressive large stones that makeup the porch.
Inside the kitchen, there are many different colors and materials that create a visually-stunning space. With wood beams, a metal range hood, and a stone countertop for the island, the kitchen has a lot of offer.
While this home is an urban farmhouse, it has a slight cabin appeal thanks to the interesting antler chandelier. With a fireplace in the background, this living room looks warm and comfortable.
The bathroom design is rich and pristine. The elegant cabinets and tile flooring look perfect when they are highlighted by the warm lighting.
This tub, which sits on the other side of the bathroom underneath a gorgeous chandelier, creates a unique setting.
The bedroom has an interesting style, thanks in large part to the circular lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling.
A built-in grill on a stone patio! What’s not to love!? This rustic area is highlighted by the meticulously-crafted landscaping that perfectly matches the vibrant yellow of the home.
As if the house wasn’t impressive enough, this all-wood garage highlights the exterior and completes the county farmhouse style. It looks more like a barn than a garage, although we imagine it’s used to store cars and not horses!
What do you think of this modern country home? Would you prefer a place like this in town or out in the county? Share your thoughts today!
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